hchatd - simple HTTP chat

hchatd is a simple HTTP chat UNIX daemon. Users can communicate in multiple chatrooms. Once created chatroom, all the user has to do in order to chat with others is to send them (i.e. email) URL he is directed to. Client code is included in the server, so the usage can't be easier. The chat truly is online, since client uses XMLHttpRequest.

Server is written as single-process, single-thread, using poll to serve multiple sockets. It has been tested to compile & work on Linux (32/64 bit), AIX 5.3, SunOS 5.10.


Get recent sources, unpack, make.


Start hchatd using something like

./hchatd -p 8888 -d
, where 8888 is number of port to bind to (default is 1234) and -d is for "run as daemon".

After that, set you browser to http://yourhost:8888. You get "start page", where you can start a new chat or choose one from list of public chats.

When you have created a chat, you can grab URL in your browser's address line and send it to the user you want to talk with.



email address