GRAW - Ground Drawing Generator

You may have seen perspective images, drawn by chalk on pavement. When you watch them from certain distance and height, they look like real, standing in front of you (and instead, they are lying). 'Oh', you may have said to yourself, 'how could the artist have so brilliant perspective imagination?' From above, the painting looks just like coloured stain.

From now on, all you need is model in .jpg file and this utility. And don't forget about the chalk!

No more words about this a few lines program. Download it, compile it like:

cc graw.c -o graw -lgd

And run it, supporting input and output file, both as jpeg. The -d and -h arguments are optional, they specify the distance of observer from image (in percents of image width), resp. the height of observer (in percents of image height).

./graw -f cat.jpg -o out.jpg -d 400 -h 170

And that's all, folks! Here it is: graw.c. Example input file.
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I am sorry to say, this is not an result of GRAW usage, in fact, GRAW is result of this image: